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Pictures: Anti-Drug Group Campaign, the first of all universities in the nation, which shows the efforts of National Chung Cheng University on anti-drug campaign.(2009/06/01)

 Education and Training 

Drug prevention involves many fields, including criminal justice, criminal policy, social policy, medical treatment, counseling, cognitive psychology and social work. Thus, to formulate effective drug prevention and treatment policies and mechanisms requires significant interdisciplinary integration. Accordingly, the following strategies are proposed:

  • 1. Introduce individuals from different backgrounds to the drug prevention field: Target existing teachers and researchers in related fields and provide them with the resources required to transfer their field knowledge into practical drug prevention and treatment measures. Furthermore, organize training seminars, extend invitations to overseas scholars, and encourage teachers and students to study abroad, in order to maximize the pool of individuals with the requisite skills and background required to conduct effective drug prevention and treatment research.
  • 2. Create interdisciplinary programs: Establish interdisciplinary programs for students and post-doctoral researchers from various backgrounds. Use these programs as a means to deliver broad drug prevention-related knowledge and to encourage the participants to think about and discuss the related issues from their own particular perspectives, thereby promoting an exchange of ideas. In addition, request that program members spend some time studying drug prevention and treatment abroad in order to facilitate an international exchange of ideas and knowledge.
  • Picture: Photoed with Dr. David A. Fiellin, Yale University at the Annual Meeting and Conference of the Taiwanese Society of Addiction Science.(2009/09/20)

  • 3. Cultivate professional field practitioners: Establish a program for students and current drug prevention field practitioners to cover all aspects of the preventative education of drug abuse and the problems of drug withdrawal and social reintegration, In addition, establish an Educational Resource Center for Drug Abuse Prevention and assist outstanding students to study abroad or attend international conferences.
  • 4. Employ famous international scholars at ADAPT: Along with establishing a program for students and current field practitioners in all aspects of preventative education of drug abuse, ADAPT will actively recruit famous international scholars from NIDA, AIC, UNODC, EMCDDA or similar institutions to conduct seminars and courses to share their research findings and experience with students and current drug prevention field practitioners, promote understanding of international drug abuse prevention strategies, and foster international cooperation in drug abuse prevention.
  • 5. Convene annual international conference on drug abuse prevention and treatment: To enhance the international vision of current drug prevention field staff, ADAPT plans to convene an international conference on drug abuse prevention and treatment one to two times each year. It aims to invite famous international drug abuse related scholars to share their experience and research findings. CCU sponsored the “International Conference on Substance Abuse and Crime Prevention” and “International Symposium on Substance Abuse” with National Cheng Kung University during the year 2010. On May 26-27, 2011, CCU will again cooperate with National Cheng Kung University to hold the first “Asia-Pacific Conference on Substance Abuse and Prevention/Treatment” to get more international exposure in drug abuse prevention and treatment.
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