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 University and Industry Cooperation 

The value and significance of the drug research lies in its applications and social contributions:

  • 1. Government Policy-making: The knowledge database and research findings can be used as reference data for The Executive Yuan in Taiwan for policy-making. The research findings of the investigation and monitoring of drug pervasiveness rates can provide a quantitative evaluation on policy review. The research findings of "prevention and education of the abuse of drugs" and "clinical abstinence and social reintegration" support the government on making policies for drug prevention and abstinence treatment.
  • 2. The Institutions of Practice: Research findings can be applied to assist the institutions of practice to execute and develop related work, to improve efficiency and to solve problems.
    • Investigation and monitoring of drug pervasiveness can assist the Department of Health and the Ministry of Justice in developing a picture and comprehensive understanding of drug abuse issues.
    • The prevention and education of drug abuse can assist the Ministry of Education and general schools on planning teaching materials, curriculums and teacher training.
    • The clinical and medical treatment for abstinence can assist the Department of Health to promote professional training in this field.
    • The psychological treatment for abstinence and social reintegration can assist the Department of Health, the Ministry of Justice and the Ministry of the Interior to follow the case studies of the patients under abstinence treatment. The psychological treatment can also assist policy-making, professionals training and community development…etc.
    • The forensic science in drugs and drug tracking technology can assist the forensic identification offices to track drugs and monitor the community for drug abstinence.
    • The prevention of organized crime and money laundering can assist the Money Laundry Prevention Center and police offices to prevent illegal activities and confiscate illegal money.
    • The evaluation of related laws and policies can assist the Research, Development and Evaluation Commission and the Ministry of Justice for government policy evaluation and law-making.
  • 3. The civic associations: Research findings can be used in assisting community drug abstinence, the prevention and education on drug abuse… etc.
  • 4. The technology industry: To implement the technological research for drug abuse prevention is to improve and solve practical problems in the field with a view for superior performance. The top selected examples are the Raman Spectrum Electronic-nose and the electronic tracking system and the physical monitoring system, including Raman Spectrum identification, micro channel nano-fiberic detection, organic electronic detection, micro radar physiological detection, smart antenna interior position system, GPS, 3G and ZigBee communication protocols. Some of these technologies are under patent protection and the integrated products can be used for new product development.

 Cooperation of T4 in ADAPT 

Collaborating Center Field of Cooperation and Mechanism of Interaction Research Topics and Participants
National Cheng Kung University (NCKU) Field: resource sharing

Mechanism: President Wu of CCU and President Lai of NCKU will be co-organizers of international conferences on drug abuse prevention and treatment
Topics: "International Conference on Substance Abuse and Crime Prevention," "International Symposium on Substance Abuse"

Participants: President Michael Ming-Chiao Lai of NCKU and his research team
Department of Psychiatry and Institute of Behavioral Medicine of National Cheng Kung University (NCKU) Field: clinical treatment

Mechanism: Prof. Ru-Band Lu will cooperate with ADAPT Institute as Deputy Director. He will be involved in the field of clinical treatment of drug addiction
Topics: Dextromethorphan as a treatment for opiate addiction

Participants: Prof. Ru-Band Lu and his research team
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