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Picture (Left): Dr. Jyh-Yang Wu, President of National Chung Cheng University, visiting the National Institute on Drug Abuse, Peking University, and the National Surveillance Center of Drug Abuse.(2009/05/10)

Picture (Right): Professor Shu-Lung Yang visiting the National Institute on Drug Abuse, U.S. A., for monitoring on drug and relevant research .(2007/04/26)

 International Exchange 

Drug abuse is a global issue. The development of this proposal can be refined quickly by referring to experiences from other countries, and to enhance international exchange and Taiwan visibility and eventually turn to be one of the international leading institutions on drug abuse research. To promote international exchange has always been a top priority of this proposal and the plan is as follows:

  • To invite international scholars to be consultants and build a connection with international research institutions on drug abuse prevention.
  • Picture:On-site Visit to Central Narcotics Bureau , Singapore by President Jyh-Yang Wu, Dean Shu-Lung Yang and Dean Ming-Dih Lin.(2010/11/08)

  • To invite international scholars for conferences, workshops and short-term visits.
  • To recommend teachers and researchers study abroad or visit foreign institutions including NIDA (US), AIC (Australia), EMCDDA (UN); to open multiple learning channels.
  • To set rewards for quality publications on international journals, to subsidize researchers for international seminars, and to set up an information websites to address drug prevention as a key information resource.
  • To participate in international organizations and to host regular meeting, such as Seminars of Asia Pacific Institutions of Drug Addiction Prevention, Seminars of Asian Cities Organizations of Drug Abuse and Epidemiology, IFNGO and IOGT meetings, Community Organizations of Drug Abuse and Epidemiology meetings, international seminars addressing how to mitigate drug damage...etc.
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