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Picture: Dr. Jyh-Yang Wu, the President of National Chung Cheng University and professor Shu-Lung Yang photoed with Dr. Henry Chang-Yu Lee, the Chair of the International Consultant Committee.(2009/03/27)

The Institute will be coordinated by Prof. J.-Y. Wu, President of the University, and Dr. I.-K. Ho, Vice President of the National Health Research Institutes and a Fellow of Academia Sinica, and advised by Dr. Henry Lee, a world renowned forensic expert. Brief biographies of these and other key members of the Institute are provided as follows.

Organizer: Prof. Jyh-Yang Wu. President of CCU, Prof

Wu is a professor in the Department of Mathematics of the University, an international senior advisor to the Asian Criminological Society, and Honorary President of the Taiwan Society of Delinquency Research and Prevention. Since his election as President of the University, Prof. Wu has been actively engaged in anti-drug campaigns and related international conferences, seminars and activities. Under his supervision, the Office of Drug Prevention and Treatment (forerunner of ADAPT) was founded in February 2009 to integrate valuable resources and expertise on the campus and to function as a platform to foster close cooperation with domestic and international drug research institutes and organizations.

Deputy Organizer: Dr. Ing-Kang Ho

Vice President of National Health Research Institute and a Academician of Academia Sinica, Dr. Ho is also a Distinguished Investigator in the Division of Mental Health and Substance Abuse Research at the National Health Research Institute. He is also the member of Merit of the Pharmaceutical Society of Japan, and a fellow of the Academy of Toxicological Sciences. He received the Outstanding Scientific Achievement Award in Toxicology, Environmental Health and Sciences, from the Cheng Hsing Medical Foundation and Society of Chinese Bioscientists in America. He received an award in Excellence for Basic Pharmacology, from The Pharmaceutical Research and Manufacturers Association Foundation. In addition, he received the highest honor awarded in the health sciences from the Department of Health in Taiwan. His research specialty is in toxicology, biochemistry and substance abuse. Dr. Ho will supervise the progress and implementation of drug abuse research at the Institute.

Chief Adviser: Dr. Henry Lee.

Dr. Lee, an internationally renowned forensic expert, will serve as the Chief Adviser of ADAPT. He will lead an advisory team of 23 international and 20 domestic experts and professionals. He was awarded an honorary Doctoral Degree at CCU. He has come to CCU twice a year to give a speech on issues such as forensic technology and money laundering. In 2010, Dr. Henry Lee gave a speech on drug issues in America and Mexico. Dr. Henry Lee has consulted with us already on the Crime-scene Portable Drug Detector and Drug-abuse Teleforensics Communication Systems.
Research team advisers include, among others:

  • Prof. David A. Fiellin of the School of Medicine, Yale University
  • Dr. Ingo Ilja Michels, Head of the Office of the Drug Commissioner in the Federal Ministry of Health and Social Security in Germany
  • Prof. Nick Crofts of the Nossal Institute for Global Health in Australia
  • Mr. Lim Poh Quee, Director of the Singapore Anti-Narcotics Association
  • Ray C. Hsiao, Assistant Professor of Psychiatry at the School of Medicine, University of Washington
  • Prof. Hartmut J. Will, Honorary Professor at the University of Victoria in Canada
  • Kiyoshi Wada, Director of the Department of Drug Dependence Research in the National Institute of Mental Health under the National Center of Neurology and Psychiatry in Japan
  • Mr. David Cheung, Director of the Hong Kong Caritas Lok Heep Club
  • Prof. Lin Lu, Director of the National Institute on Drug Dependence at Peking University
  • Yu-Hsieh Sung, Deputy Minister of the Research Development and Evaluation Commission, Executive Yuan
  • Chen-Huan Wu, Vice Minister of Justice
  • Ta-Ho Yen, Chief Prosecutor of the Taiwan High Prosecutors Office
  • Shih-Ku Lin, President of the Taiwan Society of Addiction Science
  • Lien Wen Su, Director of Drug Addiction at the Songde Branch of Taipei City Hospital

Picture: Distinguished Investigator Ing-Kang Ho addressed at the International Conference.(2010/05/27)

Director: Prof. Shu-Lung Yang.

Prof. Yang is a Distinguished Research Professor and the Director of the Crime Research Center of CCU, Vice Chairman of the General Assembly of the Asian Criminological Society, President Emeritus of the Taiwan Society of Criminology, President of the Taiwan Society of Delinquency Research and Prevention, and a committee member of the Anti-drug Commission of the Executive Yuan of Taiwan. He is also the principal investigator on numerous research projects of drug prevention and policy evaluation sponsored by the Ministry of Justice, and the Research Development and Evaluation Commission and Department of Health of the Executive Yuan. His research reports have been presented in the National Anti-Drug Conference for the past three consecutive years and the findings of his research have served as the main point of reference for the drug prevention and treatment policy of the Executive Yuan.

Deputy Director: Prof. Ru-Band Lu.

Dr. Lu is a professor of the Department of Psychiatry and Institute of Behavioral Medicine of National Cheng Kung University (NCKU). He is also the former Director of the Department of Psychiatry of NCKU Hospital. He is a member of the Psychiatry Review Committee for the Department of Health of the Executive Yuan. He is also a member of the Chinese Medical Association, Chinese National Association for Mental Hygiene, and the Chinese Society of Neurology & Psychiatry, among others. His research specialty is the etiology and pharmacologic treatment of psychiatric disorders and drug and alcohol addiction, using methods from molecular genetics. Prof. Lu has successfully developed dextromethorphan as a treatment for opiate addiction; a US patent of dextromethorphan is pending. Prof. Lu has conducted a long-term study on how memantine protects against degeneration of dopamine-producing neurons, a frequent consequence of drug abuse.

S.L. Yang and J.Y. Wu, The evaluation of adolescent substance abuse prevention and treatment policy, published by Research, Development and Evaluation Commission, Executive Yuan, 2009. (in Chinese)

Picture: Ru-bin Lu, Professor of the Department of Psychiatry and Institute of Behavioral Medicine, National Cheng Kung University (NCKU), addressed at the International Conference. (2010/05/27)

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